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World Magic Oils

“If we become change we wish see in the world, we become the heroes on our life”

World Magic Oils teach us that there is one world and it is smaller than we think. When we let go of the labels, judgments and fears we realize that everyone in the world wants the same things; security, family, and purpose. Cultures around the world achieve this in similar ways, the only difference being the names used.
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Tornado Alley

Wicked Witch Mojo

by Dorothy Morrison
BRING your intent and buckle up Darlin'. Dorothy Morrison Wicked Witch Mojo, we can manifest magic that's dynamic,lucid ,practically effortless with boundless possibilities.
Dorothy Morrison, author of 11 plus magical books, chose Coventry Creations to translate her Wicked Witch Mojo into magical candles. This "Dorothy Dozen" of powerful tongue-in-cheek magic spell candles will make you laugh out loud and take the drama out of whatever is dragging you down.
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